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 Mod/Helper Application

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PostSubject: Mod/Helper Application   Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:35 pm

Name: Cameron Fraser
Minecraft Name: Cameron6blakc
Did You Read The Rules?
Age: 14
Playing on the server since?:
since it was first released in 2014 hope to be on as long as it last.

Why do you think you are a good person to choose?

I think I would be a  good person to choose because I have been staff for more than one server with ranks higher than Head-Admin  i would like to start of small and Probably work my way up i used to own a server so I know how to config and prepare plugins Super easily and use the commands  I  enjoy spending my time with other players helping out and making the game/server enjoyable I can spend hours on end being harassed and asked stuff and still enjoy my time on the server. as I know part of being staff is being able to handle stress and stuff like that etc. I love to help out as much as possible I will try to donate as soon as I can I have got Plenty of people onto the server wish to be able to catch cheater's as I "HATE" cheaters but I will make sure to make the best action to the situation I am on ALOT  and can spend up to 24 Hours on a server You might not believe me but its a true facts about be  I love and enjoy gaming and couldn't live without it.

Even if I don't get the rank I will continue to help as much as possible

Regards: Cameron

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Mod/Helper Application
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